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Rank Name Raised
N/A Andrea Pepe Wilder Andrea Pepe Wilder $0
N/A Andrew Staffileno Andrew Staffileno $0
N/A Andrzej Gryszko Andrzej Gryszko $0
25th Angel Castrillo Angel Castrillo $35
N/A Angelina Moreno Angelina Moreno $0
N/A Annie Bowers Annie Bowers $0
N/A Anthony Osborn Anthony Osborn $0
N/A April Harff April Harff $0
4th Arby Davis Arby Davis $215
N/A Archie Johnson Archie Johnson $0
N/A Ashley Price Ashley Price $0
N/A Aubrey Petracca Aubrey Petracca $0
N/A B Clyse B Clyse $0
N/A Bart Smith Bart Smith $0
N/A Beau Jero Beau Jero $0
N/A Benjamin Elliott Benjamin Elliott $0
25th Bernice Toler Bernice Toler $35
N/A Betsy Burnett Betsy Burnett $0
N/A Bieke de Bruijn Bieke de Bruijn $0
N/A Bill Anderson Bill Anderson $0