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Rank Name Raised
N/A Jessica Richter Jessica Richter $0
N/A Jorene Nicolas Jorene Nicolas $0
N/A Joy Perez Joy Perez $0
N/A Joyce Mrazik Joyce Mrazik $0
N/A Julie Nelson Julie Nelson $0
N/A Karen Navarrete Karen Navarrete $0
N/A Keith Mitchell Keith Mitchell $0
N/A Kristofer Lapis Kristofer Lapis $0
N/A Lexi Smith Lexi Smith $0
N/A Lori Ezzio Lori Ezzio $21
N/A Manolo Garcia Manolo Garcia $0
N/A Mariela Dickson Mariela Dickson $0
N/A Michele Gonzales Michele Gonzales $0
N/A Nancy Jones Nancy Jones $0
N/A Nancy Wyatt Nancy Wyatt $0
N/A Naomi Coleman Naomi Coleman $0
1121st Randall Smith Randall Smith $72
N/A Robyn Michaels Robyn Michaels $0
N/A Rosanne Plaski Rosanne Plaski $0
N/A Rosie Mayfield Rosie Mayfield $0