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Rank Name Raised
114th Jerry Snyder Jerry Snyder $950
115th Kelley Ryan Kelley Ryan $949
116th Sean Flynn Sean Flynn $940
117th Michael Weitzman Michael Weitzman $933
118th Ketil Solvik-Olsen Ketil Solvik-Olsen $933
119th Ocean Babin Ocean Babin $927
120th Brett Graham Brett Graham $912
121st Pamela Graham Pamela Graham $908
122nd Gary Schnabel Gary Schnabel $903
123rd Brad Lindenmayer Brad Lindenmayer $902
124th Robert M Sayer Robert M Sayer $897
125th John Ridgway John Ridgway $895
126th Thomas Morgan Thomas Morgan $894
127th Jordon Free Jordon Free $879
128th Fred Miller Fred Miller $873
129th Jon Sinnen Jon Sinnen $866
130th Linda Porter Linda Porter $864
131st Phil Moody Phil Moody $860
132nd Darlene Stewart Darlene Stewart $256
132nd DL Reed DL Reed $860