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Rank Name Raised
10th Judy Paul Judy Paul $50
14th Elizabeth Moxley Elizabeth Moxley $25
N/A Alonso De Leon Alonso De Leon $0
N/A Anastasiia Romanova Anastasiia Romanova $0
N/A Andrea Pixton Andrea Pixton $0
N/A Andrew Cataneo Andrew Cataneo $0
N/A Anjana Mahadevan Anjana Mahadevan $0
N/A AnnaMarie Stackiewicz AnnaMarie Stackiewicz $0
N/A Anne Mussatti Anne Mussatti $0
N/A Anthony Tubiolo Anthony Tubiolo $0
N/A Arby Davis Arby Davis $0
N/A Arik Wallace Arik Wallace $0
N/A asher waldon asher waldon $0
N/A Ashley Brown Ashley Brown $0
N/A Ashley Stukel Ashley Stukel $0
N/A Beata Cieslukowski Beata Cieslukowski $0
N/A Bob Lemke Bob Lemke $0
N/A Carlos Garcia Carlos Garcia $0
N/A Carol Longwell Carol Longwell $0
N/A Chloe Walbruch Chloe Walbruch $0