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Rank Name Raised
369th Jake Schramm Jake Schramm $612
370th John Roulo John Roulo $611
371st Abe Lumpe Abe Lumpe $611
371st William Capuano William Capuano $611
373rd Maureen Sanford Maureen Sanford $609
374th Mike Ho Mike Ho $609
375th Amy Lankow Amy Lankow $609
376th Daniel Klear Daniel Klear $609
377th Ann Brunori Ann Brunori $606
378th Jim Armbrust Jim Armbrust $606
379th David Villasenor David Villasenor $606
380th Kelli Fourniquet Kelli Fourniquet $605
381st Renee Brown Renee Brown $604
382nd Kirsten Gram Kirsten Gram $604
383rd Scott Yount Scott Yount $603
384th John Earnhardt John Earnhardt $603
385th Terrence McGee Terrence McGee $602
386th Julian Freeman Julian Freeman $602
387th Kathy Engler Kathy Engler $602
388th Rick Wallace Rick Wallace $601