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Rank Name Raised
38th Steven Marshall Steven Marshall $175
40th Andrew Carpenter Andrew Carpenter $161
N/A Coy Smith Coy Smith $0
41st Greta Rickauer Greta Rickauer $155.25
41st Stephanie McGreevy Stephanie McGreevy $155.25
43rd Larry Farina Larry Farina $153.51
44th Holly Mueck Holly Mueck $153.50
45th Kathryn Crook Kathryn Crook $150.08
N/A John Hock John Hock $0
46th Rena Perozich Rena Perozich $150
47th kenny harris kenny harris $146.58
48th Robert Radecki Robert Radecki $140.60
49th Ann Hewitt Ann Hewitt $140
50th Erin Moore Erin Moore $136.75
51st Laurie McIntosh Laurie McIntosh $135
52nd Debra Marazzo Debra Marazzo $132.80
53rd Paul Simons Paul Simons $124.20
54th Vincent Marcellus Vincent Marcellus $122.45
55th Jack Ryder Jack Ryder $122.11
56th Albert Harjes Albert Harjes $120