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Rank Name Raised
196th Tracy Horning Tracy Horning 3years $504
197th Andrew Rivera Andrew Rivera 3years $502
198th Karen Austin Karen Austin 2years $502
199th Jeremy Bohannon Jeremy Bohannon $502
200th Chris Wirtz Chris Wirtz 2years $502
201st Christian Guzman Christian Guzman 7years $501
202nd Jay Mercado Jay Mercado 5years $501
203rd Barbara Valladares Barbara Valladares 5years $501
204th Nick Muntjan Nick Muntjan $501
205th BJ McElmurry BJ McElmurry 3years $500
206th April VanHaitsma April VanHaitsma 5years $500
206th Cory Hewens Cory Hewens 3years $500
206th Dan Doberstein Dan Doberstein 2years $500
206th Jim Perlberg Jim Perlberg 5years $500
206th JoAnna Potter JoAnna Potter 4years $500
206th Luke Hietpas Luke Hietpas 3years $500
206th Ravi choudhary Ravi choudhary $500
206th Rhonda Del Rio Rhonda Del Rio 2years $500
206th Ross Kelch Ross Kelch 2years $500
206th Sally rech Sally rech 3years $500