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Rank Name Raised
9257th Chris Gamayo Chris Gamayo $528
N/A Chris Pritchard Chris Pritchard $0
N/A Chris Roberts Chris Roberts $0
21709th Chris Withers Chris Withers $36
N/A Chris Zedekar Chris Zedekar $0
16556th Christian Carver Christian Carver $138
18388th Christina Bonetti Christina Bonetti $95
559th Christina Condon Christina Condon $2,802
N/A Christina Fischer Christina Fischer $0
2662nd Christopher Jarvis Christopher Jarvis $1,182
N/A Christopher Szopinski Christopher Szopinski $0
N/A Christy LaGuardia Christy LaGuardia $0
607th Chuck Tyrpak Chuck Tyrpak $2,706
1967th Ciaran Tully Ciaran Tully $1,398
N/A Claudia Beauchesne Claudia Beauchesne $0
N/A Clayton Johnson Clayton Johnson $0
3606th Clayton Patten Clayton Patten $1,017
N/A cody meacham cody meacham $0
N/A Cody Rumble Cody Rumble $0
23568th Cole Tierney Cole Tierney $21