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Rank Name Raised
295th Dennis Barth Dennis Barth 3years $331
296th Stacy Morton Stacy Morton 3years $323
297th Lori Tokley Lori Tokley 5years $323
298th Cindi Corson Berry Cindi Corson Berry $321
299th Penny Strohmenger Penny Strohmenger $321
300th Edward Morrows Edward Morrows $320
301st Matt Chamberlin Matt Chamberlin $320
301st Michele Peel Michele Peel 2years $320
303rd Kevin Wendt Kevin Wendt 2years $320
304th Shantanu Joshi Shantanu Joshi 2years $319
305th Hans Christiansen Hans Christiansen 4years $319
306th Angela Casteel Angela Casteel $316
307th Caryn Brickse Caryn Brickse $316
307th Pat Sparks Pat Sparks $316
309th Sandi Holman Sandi Holman $315
310th John Huffman John Huffman 4years $314
311th Kevin Daly Kevin Daly 3years $313
312th Stephen Smithers Stephen Smithers 2years $311
313th Maciej Mackowicz Maciej Mackowicz 2years $311
314th Eric Barrans Eric Barrans 2years $310