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Rank Name Raised
297th Jonathan Garcia Jonathan Garcia $3,525
298th Sally Young Sally Young $3,517
299th Randi Senzer Najac Randi Senzer Najac $3,510
300th Bryce Bludevich Bryce Bludevich $3,510
301st Adonis Marcelino Adonis Marcelino $3,507
302nd Alice Alicea Alice Alicea $3,503
303rd Matt Dowdy Matt Dowdy $3,502
304th Szymon Glodzik Szymon Glodzik $3,502
305th Tricia Norris Tricia Norris $3,483
306th Randy Colson Randy Colson $3,481
307th Rory O'Driscoll Rory O'Driscoll $3,475
308th Otto Enax Otto Enax $3,456
309th Jon Sinnen Jon Sinnen $3,436
310th Daniel Brown Daniel Brown $3,430
311th Alex Schams Alex Schams $3,429
312th Merli Estime Merli Estime $3,426
313th Sheryl Ottenstroer Sheryl Ottenstroer $3,424
314th Michael Kolb Michael Kolb $3,419
315th Peter Thomas Peter Thomas $3,415
316th Kenneth Robinson Kenneth Robinson $3,414