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Rank Name Raised
N/A Jake Nevin Jake Nevin $0
13336th James Clark James Clark $278
11057th James Doggett James Doggett $495
N/A james Engols james Engols $0
N/A James Hart James Hart $0
N/A Jamie Shea Jamie Shea $0
10120th Janarthanan Ramasubbu Janarthanan Ramasubbu $506
N/A Jane Bresko Jane Bresko $0
379th Janette Slusher Janette Slusher $3,204
N/A Janette Zahia Janette Zahia $0
N/A Jarrod Monroe Rognon Jarrod Monroe Rognon $0
17231st Jason Bell Jason Bell $119
N/A Jason Kutyba Jason Kutyba $0
N/A Jason Mills Jason Mills $0
N/A Jay Rosado Jay Rosado $0
N/A Jeff Beery Jeff Beery $0
22nd Jeff Kahn Jeff Kahn $10,213
11270th Jeff Key Jeff Key $461
N/A Jeffrey Ried Jeffrey Ried $0
1059th Jennifer Louch Jennifer Louch $2,055