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Rank Name Raised
914th Holly Clark Holly Clark $100
914th Iva Werling Ashley Iva Werling Ashley $100
914th Jack Holliday Jack Holliday $100
914th Janice Randel Janice Randel $100
914th Jared Rohrs Jared Rohrs $100
914th Jeff Snipes Jeff Snipes $100
914th Jeri Ellis Jeri Ellis $100
914th Jess Calbreath Jess Calbreath $100
914th Jessica Wooton Jessica Wooton $100
914th Jill BURBEY Jill BURBEY $100
914th Jim Voeglein Jim Voeglein $100
914th Joe Mobus Joe Mobus $100
914th Joe Treese Joe Treese $100
914th John Gaillard John Gaillard $100
914th John Helton John Helton $100
914th Jose Luis Villarreal Jose Luis Villarreal $100
914th Josh Eberhart Josh Eberhart $100
914th Juan Olaya Juan Olaya $100
914th Judy Vreeland Judy Vreeland $100
914th Julie Alderink Julie Alderink $100