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Rank Name Raised
N/A Laura Light Laura Light $0
N/A Levi Browning Levi Browning $0
N/A Linda Carr Linda Carr $0
N/A Luke Dringoli Luke Dringoli $0
N/A Maddie Detmer Maddie Detmer $0
N/A Madison Dyll Madison Dyll $0
N/A Mal Daniel Mal Daniel $0
N/A Mariel Estonilo Mariel Estonilo $0
N/A Mark Hollinger Mark Hollinger $0
N/A Mary Anne Fisanick Mary Anne Fisanick $0
N/A Mayra Martinez Mayra Martinez $0
N/A Meike Fraze Meike Fraze $0
5080th Melissa Stroup Melissa Stroup $792
N/A Michael Biegel Michael Biegel $0
N/A Michael Hajčiar Michael Hajčiar $0
N/A Michelle Yunker Michelle Yunker $0
N/A Miguel Soto Miguel Soto $0
N/A Mike Doyle Mike Doyle $0
N/A Misty Griffin Misty Griffin $0
N/A mo jo mo jo $0