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Rank Name Raised
3rd Timothy Prol Timothy Prol $243.24
N/A Michele Mandia Michele Mandia $0
N/A Dane Filter Dane Filter $0
N/A Jonathan Roy Jonathan Roy $0
N/A Jessica Simpson Jessica Simpson $0
N/A Gabe Palmer Gabe Palmer $0
N/A James Smith James Smith $0
N/A Abby Reynolds Abby Reynolds $0
N/A Aimee Spisak Aimee Spisak $0
N/A Alexander Simmons Alexander Simmons $0
N/A Alexandrea Rodriguez Alexandrea Rodriguez $0
N/A Allison Crandall Allison Crandall $0
N/A B Clyse B Clyse $0
25th Bernice Toler Bernice Toler $35
N/A Bieke de Bruijn Bieke de Bruijn $0
N/A Brian Lane Brian Lane $0
N/A Bruce Henderson Bruce Henderson $0
N/A Carlos Rivera Carlos Rivera $0
N/A Chad Douglas Chad Douglas $0
N/A Clint Bates Clint Bates $0