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Rank Name Raised
N/A Ronald Wilds Ronald Wilds 5years $0
N/A Justin Johnson Justin Johnson 4years $0
43rd Jimmy Parker Jimmy Parker 4years $1,134
N/A Adrian Mukul Adrian Mukul 3years $0
138th Al Sherman Al Sherman 5years $538
N/A Andrew Ortiz Andrew Ortiz 2years $0
N/A Auricelia Lima Auricelia Lima $0
N/A Betsy Hochman Betsy Hochman 4years $0
N/A Bill Berned Bill Berned 5years $0
779th Bill Hunt Bill Hunt 5years $104
N/A Bruce Brummel Bruce Brummel 5years $0
N/A Carl Crouse Carl Crouse 3years $0
N/A Chelsea Chaffee Chelsea Chaffee 2years $0
N/A Christian Weber Christian Weber 3years $0
1215th Christopher Campau Christopher Campau 2years $52
1055th Christopher Jamieson Christopher Jamieson 2years $72
N/A Christopher Zoeller Christopher Zoeller $0
N/A Cian Ryan Cian Ryan 4years $0
20th Daniel DiGirolamo Daniel DiGirolamo 6years $1,661
779th Dave Johnsen Dave Johnsen 7years $104