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Rank Name Raised
2850th Lee Mason Lee Mason 2years $104
2850th Lee Rindfuss Lee Rindfuss $104
2850th Leni Selvaggio Leni Selvaggio 6years $104
2850th Leon Bouknight Leon Bouknight 3years $104
2850th Leonel Edwards Leonel Edwards 3years $104
2850th Lewis Rhodes Lewis Rhodes 2years $104
2850th Liam & Emma Buckley Liam & Emma Buckley 2years $104
2850th Lionel Laryea Lionel Laryea 3years $104
2850th Lisa Novakowski Lisa Novakowski 4years $104
2850th Logan Rogers Logan Rogers 3years $104
2850th Lori Hoffman Johnson Lori Hoffman Johnson 3years $104
2850th Lori Reis Lori Reis 6years $104
2850th Lorraine Hancock Lorraine Hancock 3years $104
2850th Lynn McNulty Lynn McNulty 5years $104
2850th Madeline Klein Madeline Klein 2years $104
2850th Margaret Ross-Jones Margaret Ross-Jones 4years $104
2850th MARIANNE Buehler MARIANNE Buehler 3years $104
2850th Mark Frumolt Mark Frumolt 2years $104
2850th Mark Gray Mark Gray 6years $104
2850th Mark VanZandt Mark VanZandt $104