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Rank Name Raised
287th Jacob Wright Jacob Wright 2years $115
289th Paula Smith Paula Smith 6years $114
290th Robert Stephenson Robert Stephenson 3years $114
291st Rita Jester Rita Jester 2years $112
292nd Pooja Kohli Pooja Kohli 3years $110
293rd Keith Kaplan Keith Kaplan 3years $109
294th Joshua Griffith Joshua Griffith 2years $109
294th Karen Dallatore Karen Dallatore 4years $109
296th William Fincher William Fincher 3years $107
297th Mike Haszto Mike Haszto 5years $106
298th Henry Mc Coy Henry Mc Coy 3years $106
299th Chris Blanks Chris Blanks 3years $105
299th Don Stites Don Stites 2years $105
299th Ed Davis Ed Davis 4years $105
299th Eric LeMarier Eric LeMarier 3years $105
299th Hector Garcia Hector Garcia 7years $105
304th Alicia Jasso Alicia Jasso 4years $104
304th Barbra Vidinich Barbra Vidinich 7years $104
304th Brett Clark Brett Clark 6years $104
304th Brian Schoenmann Brian Schoenmann 4years $104