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Rank Name Raised
58th Laura Zuchovicki Laura Zuchovicki 7years $2,453
59th Thomas Higgins Thomas Higgins $2,451
60th Jerome Butterbrodt Jerome Butterbrodt 5years $2,421
61st Tracy Lowry Tracy Lowry 5years $2,408
62nd Wallace Jones Wallace Jones 5years $2,406
63rd Rolando Ray Rolando Ray 4years $2,349
64th Eric Shepard Eric Shepard 7years $2,348
65th Clayton Saxour Clayton Saxour 2years $2,347
66th David Hildner David Hildner 4years $2,337
67th Dustin Langevin Dustin Langevin 4years $2,311
68th Xenophon Smith Xenophon Smith 7years $2,307
69th Crystal Dunnings Crystal Dunnings 7years $2,306
70th Molly Walsh Molly Walsh 6years $2,293
71st Steve Carr Steve Carr 3years $2,238
72nd Emilie Stewart Emilie Stewart $2,208
73rd B Chiprin B Chiprin 4years $2,199
74th Raymond Bartlett Raymond Bartlett 6years $2,184
75th Lisa Marie Scrima-Castelli Lisa Marie Scrima-Castelli 4years $2,178
76th Patricia Carroll Patricia Carroll 7years $2,134
77th Jerry Castillo Jerry Castillo 5years $2,123