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Rank Name Raised
7634th Tammy Taylor Tammy Taylor 2years $502
7635th Sheli Cantore Sheli Cantore 2years $502
7636th Mike Walker Mike Walker 2years $502
7637th Barbara Perez Barbara Perez $215
7637th Karmjit Babrah Karmjit Babrah $502
7638th Dalton Clark Dalton Clark $502
7638th Richard Webb Richard Webb 3years $502
7640th Matthew Byrd Matthew Byrd $502
7640th Ronald Plaza Ronald Plaza $502
7642nd Colleen Hoffman Colleen Hoffman $502
7643rd Matthew Arlich Matthew Arlich 2years $502
7644th John Chapman John Chapman 4years $502
7645th Chris Barlow Chris Barlow $502
7645th Conor McCabe Conor McCabe $502
7645th Deborah Morgan-Alam Deborah Morgan-Alam 4years $502
7645th Randie Lewis Randie Lewis 4years $502
7650th Abdulghani Alkhayat Abdulghani Alkhayat $502
7650th David Cummings David Cummings $502
7650th Drew Sanderson Drew Sanderson 2years $502