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Rank Name Raised
7624th William Kluck William Kluck $541
7625th Cyral Callender Cyral Callender 2years $541
7626th Glenn Macdonald Glenn Macdonald $541
7627th Bo Bannister Bo Bannister 4years $541
7627th Krishnan Anantharaman Krishnan Anantharaman 2years $541
7629th Britta Matthews Britta Matthews $541
7630th Robert Buzzell Robert Buzzell 3years $541
7631st Mario Armas Mario Armas 5years $541
7632nd Diana Dang Diana Dang 2years $541
7632nd John Townsend John Townsend $541
7632nd Rick Holman Rick Holman $541
7635th Jason Schneider Jason Schneider $541
7636th Jeffrey Lewis Jeffrey Lewis $541
7637th Barbara Perez Barbara Perez $265
7637th Quinton Wilson Quinton Wilson $541
7638th Jean Allen-Murphy Jean Allen-Murphy $541
7639th issy newkirk issy newkirk 2years $541
7640th Chris Savage Chris Savage $541
7641st Kait Miller Kait Miller 2years $541
7642nd Danielle Huston Danielle Huston $541