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Rank Name Raised
7727th Kevin Grimes Kevin Grimes 3years $501
7729th Bryce Steele Bryce Steele 3years $501
7730th Jose C Verastegui Jose C Verastegui 2years $501
7731st Brennan Thomason Brennan Thomason $500
N/A Luana Guelero Luana Guelero $0
7731st Stephanie Jones Stephanie Jones $500
7733rd Howard Bryels Jr. Howard Bryels Jr. 3years $500
7733rd Jennifer Winter Jennifer Winter 4years $500
7733rd Timothy Pence Timothy Pence 3years $500
7736th Archie Johnson Archie Johnson 4years $500
7737th Natasa Radulovic Natasa Radulovic $500
7738th Robert Evangelista Robert Evangelista 2years $500
7739th Scott Ruck Scott Ruck $500
7740th Amber Gregory Amber Gregory 2years $500
7740th Brent Bradley Brent Bradley 2years $500
7740th Karina Cutler Karina Cutler $500
7743rd Barney Wood Barney Wood 6years $500
7743rd Matt Worton Matt Worton $500
7745th Andrea Wiggins Andrea Wiggins $500
7746th Angie Rebujio Angie Rebujio $500