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Rank Name Raised
137th Clay Smalley Clay Smalley 3years $4,900
138th Kenzie Pete DeLaine Kenzie Pete DeLaine 3years $4,888
139th Richard Coleman Richard Coleman 4years $4,831
140th Saladin White Saladin White 3years $4,828
141st Virgil Mandanici Virgil Mandanici 3years $4,826
142nd Jerome Butterbrodt Jerome Butterbrodt 5years $4,824
143rd Jim White Jim White 3years $4,823
144th Kate Hagdorn Kate Hagdorn $4,820
145th Eduardo Macias Eduardo Macias 4years $4,812
146th Michael Donovan Michael Donovan 5years $4,808
147th Alex Owen Alex Owen 3years $4,758
148th Ted Muench Ted Muench 3years $4,754
149th Michael Short Michael Short 2years $4,739
150th Ethan Jason Ethan Jason 3years $4,732
151st Greg Folts Greg Folts 2years $4,730
152nd Wallace Jones Wallace Jones 5years $4,712
153rd Michele Kelley Michele Kelley $4,712
154th Anneke Mossa Anneke Mossa 7years $4,708
155th Lisa Giuliani Lisa Giuliani 7years $4,703
156th Josh Long Josh Long 7years $4,702