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Rank Name Raised
N/A Pam Shaver Pam Shaver $0
321st Pamela Graham Pamela Graham $104
N/A Pamela Hawes Pamela Hawes $0
N/A Pamela Ianni Pamela Ianni $0
N/A Pamela Laatsch Pamela Laatsch $0
N/A Pamela Rubenstein Pamela Rubenstein $0
N/A Pankaj Deore Pankaj Deore $0
N/A Pankaj Makkar Pankaj Makkar $0
600th Pascale Head Pascale Head $35
N/A Pat Arnold Pat Arnold $0
N/A Pat Costello Pat Costello $0
N/A Pat Keeling Pat Keeling $0
53rd Patricia Carroll Patricia Carroll $662
N/A Patricia Labbe Patricia Labbe $0
N/A Patricia Weiner Patricia Weiner $0
274th Patricia Wetzel Patricia Wetzel $124
N/A Patrick McDermott Patrick McDermott $0
N/A Patrick Moore Patrick Moore $0
389th Patrick Plank Patrick Plank $80
219th Patrick Vallely Patrick Vallely $170