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Rank Name Raised
7409th David Arriaga David Arriaga $70
N/A David Baker David Baker $0
9287th David Barna David Barna $36
N/A David Foss David Foss $0
N/A David Grant David Grant $0
5088th David Sandvick David Sandvick $128
5374th David Tucci David Tucci $120
N/A David Wilkins David Wilkins $0
N/A Dawn Hammer Dawn Hammer $0
N/A Dawn Hammer Dawn Hammer $0
N/A Delroy Wade Delroy Wade $0
N/A DeMichael Walker DeMichael Walker $0
N/A Dennis O'Leary Dennis O'Leary $0
9287th Devin Pena Devin Pena $36
N/A Devin Sadat Devin Sadat $0
6808th Diane Dorn Diane Dorn $80
N/A Diego Espino Diego Espino $0
468th Dominick Bilancio Dominick Bilancio $878
6751st Don Cox Don Cox $83
7409th Don Wells Don Wells $70