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Rank Name Raised
N/A Tom Buckley Tom Buckley $0
18879th Wes Parker Wes Parker $72
N/A Yahve Reyes Rodriguez Yahve Reyes Rodriguez $0
N/A Anthony Valenzisi Anthony Valenzisi $0
N/A Naveen Polakala Naveen Polakala $0
3422nd Paul Wahrer Paul Wahrer $938
N/A Eve Berrington Eve Berrington $0
6625th Matthew Roy Matthew Roy $608
1788th Candace Monzingo Candace Monzingo $1,330
2757th Jerome Burgess Jerome Burgess $1,058
N/A Juan Caire Juan Caire $0
4072nd Karl Althaus Karl Althaus $834
7220th Paul Cary Paul Cary $574
N/A janet herman janet herman $1,432
1269th Dan Tulip Dan Tulip $1,622
512th Pete Gatlin Pete Gatlin $2,651
11544th Brent Wood Brent Wood $332
415th Phillip Rouse Phillip Rouse $2,829
15040th Adam Fox Adam Fox $166
N/A Adam Larousse Adam Larousse $0