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Rank Name Raised
N/A denise ainsworth denise ainsworth $0
N/A Denise Hay Denise Hay $0
114th Dennis Carmain Dennis Carmain $92
N/A Dennis O'Leary Dennis O'Leary $0
N/A Dennis Premo Dennis Premo $0
N/A Dennis Sprouse Dennis Sprouse $0
N/A Deric Millis Deric Millis $0
N/A Devon Waldo Devon Waldo $0
N/A Dewayne Kellems Dewayne Kellems $0
N/A Diana Guajardo Diana Guajardo $0
N/A Diane Sewell Diane Sewell $0
N/A Dianna DeNapoli Dianna DeNapoli $0
N/A Dion Rigsby Dion Rigsby $0
N/A Dion Rigsby Dion Rigsby $0
N/A Diserie Kidd Diserie Kidd $0
N/A DJ Bryant DJ Bryant $0
N/A Don Hoskyns Don Hoskyns $0
135th Don Munkres Don Munkres $72
N/A Don Sommer Don Sommer $0
N/A Donald D Rowell III Donald D Rowell III $0