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Rank Name Raised
56th Patricia Carroll Patricia Carroll $1,253
57th Lisa Marie Scrima-Castelli Lisa Marie Scrima-Castelli $1,223
58th Daniel DiGirolamo Daniel DiGirolamo $1,221
59th Michael Nelson Michael Nelson $1,188
60th Bruce Barrett Bruce Barrett $1,186
61st Traci Holbrook Traci Holbrook $1,184
62nd Kathy Dunn Kathy Dunn $1,182
63rd Sean Daly Sean Daly $1,181
64th Doug Kramer Doug Kramer $1,158
65th Keith Young Keith Young $1,157
66th Matt Marshall Matt Marshall $1,155
67th Jason Heath Jason Heath $1,150
68th Jared Wallace Jared Wallace $1,140
69th Ninetta Kosswig Ninetta Kosswig $1,140
70th Kenneth Groezinger Kenneth Groezinger $1,131
71st Paul Horner Paul Horner $1,121
72nd Jay Cloutier Jay Cloutier $1,100
73rd Josh Wallace Josh Wallace $1,099
74th Bob Potter Bob Potter $1,075
75th Chuck Tyrpak Chuck Tyrpak $1,072