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Rank Name Raised
77th Traci Holbrook Traci Holbrook $285
78th Laurel Chahir Laurel Chahir $284
79th Shannon Tabaldo Shannon Tabaldo $283
80th Kathryn Crook Kathryn Crook $274
81st Gabe Pacheco Gabe Pacheco $271
82nd David Kujawa David Kujawa $265
83rd Scott Harkleroad Scott Harkleroad $259
84th Dana Edwards Dana Edwards $257
85th William Melilli William Melilli $254
86th Cortney Greenlaw Cortney Greenlaw $253
87th Anton Steidl Anton Steidl $250
87th Katy Hawley Katy Hawley $250
89th Sudha Murty Sudha Murty $248
90th Mary Ruberti Mary Ruberti $247
91st Michele Armstrong Michele Armstrong $245
92nd Kathleen Binard Kathleen Binard $243
93rd Doug Farrington Doug Farrington $243
94th Mike Ho Mike Ho $240
95th Randy Gire Randy Gire $236
96th Daniel Schaffer Daniel Schaffer $228