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Rank Name Raised
N/A Jose Robledo lll Jose Robledo lll $0
N/A Joseph Charping Joseph Charping $0
N/A Joseph Emmanuel German Mendoza Joseph Emmanuel German Mendoza $0
396th Joseph Garrison Joseph Garrison $87
N/A Joseph Hall Joseph Hall $0
N/A Joseph Landers Joseph Landers $0
N/A Joseph Long Joseph Long $0
222nd Joseph McCullough Joseph McCullough $181
N/A Joseph Mirocke Joseph Mirocke $0
N/A Joseph Pander Joseph Pander $0
N/A Joseph Sager Joseph Sager $0
N/A Joseph Tirado Joseph Tirado $0
N/A Joseph W Lambert Jr Joseph W Lambert Jr $0
N/A Josh Coughlin Josh Coughlin $0
363rd Josh Hernandez Josh Hernandez $100
552nd Josh Kubik Josh Kubik $36
N/A Josh Moore Josh Moore $0
N/A Josh Niedermeyer Josh Niedermeyer $0
N/A Josh Prehn Josh Prehn $0
N/A Josh Roberts Mtb Josh Roberts Mtb $0