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Rank Name Raised
71st Amy Kaufman Amy Kaufman $680
N/A Amy Lankow Amy Lankow $0
N/A Amy Lewing Amy Lewing $0
N/A Amy Mccallister Amy Mccallister $0
858th Amy Mendenhall Amy Mendenhall $20
N/A Amy Nahhas Amy Nahhas $0
N/A Amy Nelson Amy Nelson $0
N/A Amy Olson Amy Olson $0
N/A Amy Springer Amy Springer $0
522nd Amy Springer Amy Springer $72
N/A Amy Stoneberg Amy Stoneberg $0
N/A Amy Tessitore Amy Tessitore $0
N/A Ana Bedini-Jacobini Ana Bedini-Jacobini $0
N/A Ana Ochoa Ana Ochoa $0
N/A Ana Reyes-Franco Ana Reyes-Franco $0
N/A Ana Silva Ana Silva $0
N/A Anaisha Singh Anaisha Singh $0
N/A Anastasia Lott Anastasia Lott $0
N/A Andre Bosnjak Andre Bosnjak $0
N/A Andre Meirelles Andre Meirelles $0