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Rank Name Raised
76th TJ Scallon TJ Scallon 2years $6,439
77th Mike Schreck Mike Schreck 2years $6,311
78th Ona Porter Ona Porter 3years $6,296
79th Greg Novak Greg Novak 6years $6,256
80th Crystal Dunnings Crystal Dunnings 6years $6,234
81st Susanne Serna Susanne Serna 6years $6,146
82nd Edward Sanabria Edward Sanabria $6,085
83rd Linda Rickabaugh Linda Rickabaugh 2years $6,035
84th Bill Berned Bill Berned 4years $6,012
85th Jeff Ondria Jeff Ondria 2years $6,005
86th Richard Coleman Richard Coleman 3years $5,929
87th Kim Girkins Kim Girkins 2years $5,922
88th David Hausner David Hausner 5years $5,878
89th Jack Holliday Jack Holliday 4years $5,874
90th John Dever John Dever $5,785
91st Lynn Nichols Lynn Nichols 2years $5,733
92nd James Hartnett James Hartnett 6years $5,706
92nd Kaitlyn Holderman Kaitlyn Holderman $1,544
93rd Dominic Silvestri Dominic Silvestri $5,696
94th Bill Mester Bill Mester 2years $5,650