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Rank Name Raised
N/A Nathan Wallace Nathan Wallace 2years $0
13646th Robin Barr Robin Barr 3years $541
12833rd MARIA WOOD MARIA WOOD 2years $166
17879th Neelakantha Hegde Neelakantha Hegde $26
9177th RC Catt RC Catt 5years $500
16197th Makida Hayes Makida Hayes $167
9443rd Peena Patel Peena Patel 2years $460
13114th Barry Bridges Barry Bridges 6years $152
N/A Asokkumar Christian Asokkumar Christian $0
7579th Thomas Dudek Thomas Dudek 2years $544
2240th Manny Chang Manny Chang $1,331
4853rd Elizabeth Pacho Elizabeth Pacho $767
6988th Kaihl Brassfield Kaihl Brassfield $576
11743rd Daniel Hill Daniel Hill 2years $233
10634th Ken Marsh Ken Marsh $317
1211th Ivania Arrechavala Ivania Arrechavala $2,047
13675th Taylor Swafford Taylor Swafford $124
7535th Dennis Klinedinst Dennis Klinedinst $547
14810th Tammy Bandy Tammy Bandy $93
3278th Erin Jenkins Erin Jenkins $1,050