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Rank Name Raised
2442nd Christa Beristain Christa Beristain 2years $1,252
7651st Kait Miller Kait Miller 2years $541
2977th Mickey Anderson Mickey Anderson 5years $1,110
9917th Vijay Suzuki Vijay Suzuki 2years $404
14055th Joseph Leo Joseph Leo 3years $110
6103rd Shawne Gauldin Shawne Gauldin 2years $640
10824th Francisco Plantada Francisco Plantada 2years $302
N/A Laura Stolzenberg Laura Stolzenberg $0
11419th Lynn Bonser Lynn Bonser $258
14982nd Kevin Mawhinney Kevin Mawhinney $86
4846th Mike Knorek Mike Knorek $770
4306th Zack Unterseher Zack Unterseher $846
8865th Carole M Darr Carole M Darr 2years $503
7441st Jennifer Furrow Jennifer Furrow $553
218th Debbie Stinson Debbie Stinson 2years $4,595
N/A Hiep Nguyen Hiep Nguyen $0
8181st Jennie Bever Jennie Bever $275
10342nd John Kent John Kent $350
15863rd Kayla Skotzke Kayla Skotzke $56
10097th Ken Saunders Ken Saunders $379