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Rank Name Raised
7294th Robin LaCome Mourer Mueller Robin LaCome Mourer Mueller 3years $514
11059th Robin Peterson Lewis Robin Peterson Lewis $236
1608th Robin Tibbits Robin Tibbits 5years $1,481
11403rd Robyn Salk Robyn Salk $212
4564th Rocky Babcock Rocky Babcock 7years $725
N/A Rod Emery Rod Emery $0
1754th Rod Myrick Rod Myrick 2years $1,409
6679th Roger Burens Roger Burens 2years $548
5128th Ron Leedy Ron Leedy 2years $668
3025th Rownan Coolbaugh Rownan Coolbaugh $1,001
6182nd Roxane Lee Roxane Lee 2years $580
4682nd Roxanne Childs Roxanne Childs $711
5574th Russell Berzansky Russell Berzansky $627
N/A Russell Smith Russell Smith 3years $0
8648th Russell Smith Russell Smith 3years $433
7870th Ryan Carpenter Ryan Carpenter 2years $500
17453rd Ryan Dwyer Ryan Dwyer 2years $26
16272nd Ryan Grittman Ryan Grittman 2years $36
7030th Ryan Rodriguez Ryan Rodriguez 2years $527
4726th Sabaa Ismail Sabaa Ismail 2years $706