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Rank Name Raised
6805th Zach Staheli Zach Staheli $590
13160th Zach Thaler Zach Thaler $150
14181st Zachary Boyer Zachary Boyer $105
14726th Zachary Ryan Zachary Ryan $98
N/A Zsolt Rozsavolgyi Zsolt Rozsavolgyi $0
4644th Adam Barnes Adam Barnes 2years $798
N/A Adam Dozier Adam Dozier $0
16742nd Alfonso Serdio Alfonso Serdio 2years $36
N/A Alicia Idrogo Alicia Idrogo $0
N/A Alyssa Davis Alyssa Davis $0
N/A Amanda Fisher Amanda Fisher $0
5622nd Amy Bussie Amy Bussie 4years $684
18715th Andrew Hill Andrew Hill $15
16542nd Andrew Pietsch Andrew Pietsch $47
2837th Angela Barry Angela Barry 3years $1,140
1770th Angelene Pair Angelene Pair 4years $1,562
12057th Anthony Whyte Anthony Whyte 3years $208
2610th Ashling Sullivan Ashling Sullivan 4years $607
14509th Audrey Mccullough Audrey Mccullough $518
1243rd Barry V. Wood Jr Barry V. Wood Jr 2years $2,017