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Rank Name Raised
N/A Sally Rech Sally Rech $0
N/A Sam Hinton Sam Hinton $0
N/A Sam Prosser Sam Prosser $0
N/A Sandy Goodman Sandy Goodman $0
N/A Sara Senthilmurugan Sara Senthilmurugan $0
N/A Sarah Datema Sarah Datema $0
N/A Scott dymock Scott dymock $0
N/A Scott Grossman Scott Grossman $0
N/A Scott Haller Scott Haller $0
N/A Scott Paciorek Scott Paciorek $0
N/A Scott Roeder Scott Roeder $0
N/A sean Templeton sean Templeton $0
N/A Sean Wing Sean Wing $0
N/A Shane Thurston Shane Thurston $0
N/A Sharon Bair Sharon Bair $0
N/A Shawn Flannery Shawn Flannery $0
N/A Shawn Watson Shawn Watson $0
N/A Sheila Amaral Sheila Amaral $0
N/A Sonia Graham Sonia Graham $0
N/A Stacy Morton Stacy Morton $0