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Rank Name Raised
149th Steve Bouchard Steve Bouchard 6years $5,067
2535th William Beagle William Beagle 4years $1,056
N/A Manny Perez Manny Perez 2years $0
2060th Steven McNicoll Steven McNicoll 4years $1,198
9703rd Lee Courtney Lee Courtney 3years $176
267th Ross Wunderlich Ross Wunderlich 2years $3,926
8365th Keith Sandbloom Keith Sandbloom $290
N/A Jon Childerston Jon Childerston 2years $0
2397th Jim Moody Jim Moody 3years $1,092
N/A Jan Hanak Jan Hanak $0
4402nd Ed Rigo Jr. Ed Rigo Jr. 2years $679
301st Eric Plante Eric Plante 2years $3,723
178th Keith Young Keith Young 6years $4,726
N/A Terri Deal-Hansen Terri Deal-Hansen $0
12790th Andrew Van Til Andrew Van Til 2years $50
5460th Jon Bailey Jon Bailey 5years $568
2980th Austin Lehman Austin Lehman 2years $969
2646th Linda Kuroda Linda Kuroda 2years $1,035
1774th Brian Wilson Brian Wilson $1,323
4462nd Wendy Johnson Wendy Johnson 7years $515