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Rank Name Raised
376th Mark Dante Mark Dante $3,277
377th Shannon Dodge Shannon Dodge 4years $3,275
378th Bobby Clifton Bobby Clifton 2years $3,266
379th Jerald Collins Jerald Collins 2years $3,265
380th Eileen Bruno Eileen Bruno 5years $3,263
381st Margaret Weeks Margaret Weeks $3,258
382nd John McHaney John McHaney $3,257
383rd Rebekah Bonn Rebekah Bonn $3,256
384th Michael Frew Michael Frew 2years $3,254
385th Melissa Lamb Melissa Lamb 5years $3,247
386th Don Dinulos Don Dinulos $3,242
387th Carlos Delanuez Carlos Delanuez $3,241
388th Kyle Norris Kyle Norris 3years $3,241
389th Jeffrey Leathers Jeffrey Leathers $3,226
390th Jack Partridge Jack Partridge 3years $3,225
391st Gerald Powers Gerald Powers $3,223
392nd David Edmonds David Edmonds 2years $3,209
393rd Michael Gugenheim Michael Gugenheim $3,207
394th Rhoda Harrison Rhoda Harrison 2years $3,206
395th Tatjana Nugteren Tatjana Nugteren $3,206