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Rank Name Raised
N/A Jim Catteau Jim Catteau $0
59th Nancy Fairchild Nancy Fairchild $174
170th Roselind Read Roselind Read $66
N/A Tomer Solomonov Tomer Solomonov $0
N/A Francis DiCarlantonio Francis DiCarlantonio $0
69th Crawford A. Higgins II Crawford A. Higgins II $140
180th Ed davis Ed davis $55
N/A Eric Barrans Eric Barrans $0
N/A Haley Norton Haley Norton $0
N/A James Allen James Allen $0
N/A James Rathburn James Rathburn $0
N/A Jeff Youngs Jeff Youngs $0
200th Jerry Bruggeman Jerry Bruggeman $50
N/A Joshua Geschwender Joshua Geschwender $0
47th Kevin Fletcher Kevin Fletcher $200
295th Paul Bellottie Paul Bellottie $26
N/A Peter Kelsey Peter Kelsey $0
N/A robert kREBS robert kREBS $0
N/A Todd Myers Todd Myers $0
N/A Vikas Singh Vikas Singh $0