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Rank Name Raised
17182nd Mary Naranjo Mary Naranjo $120
N/A Pablo Camino Pablo Camino $0
3764th Kirk Weaver Kirk Weaver $1,005
9367th Frederick Brennan Frederick Brennan $526
3256th Ryan Schwenk Ryan Schwenk $1,068
6527th Jeff Bartels Jeff Bartels $664
N/A Chad Comeaux Chad Comeaux $0
83rd Greg Mudge Greg Mudge $5,794
3254th Mike Haszto Mike Haszto $1,069
2852nd Brian Slick Brian Slick $1,142
7563rd J. Barrett Cooper J. Barrett Cooper $606
N/A Ricardo Veloz Sarmiento Ricardo Veloz Sarmiento $0
9051st Melissa Cobb Melissa Cobb $538
1336th Graham Tickell Graham Tickell $1,775
13199th steve young steve young $288
N/A Howard Thomas Howard Thomas $0
1386th David Gibble David Gibble $1,740
4810th Jen Williams Jen Williams $847
4419th Anthony Dabucon Anthony Dabucon $879
6493rd Brian Wenzel Brian Wenzel $570