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Rank Name Raised
3794th Austin Percifull Austin Percifull 4years $773
N/A Austin Persell Austin Persell 4years $0
N/A Averett Brett Averett Brett $0
N/A Ayana Denham Ayana Denham $0
N/A Azat Guler Azat Guler $0
12307th Beau Grant (ZIZZO BIKES) Beau Grant (ZIZZO BIKES) $57
N/A Bethany Zakrzewski Bethany Zakrzewski 4years $0
132nd Bill Berned Bill Berned 5years $5,294
3296th Bill Hunt Bill Hunt 5years $874
3062nd Bob DeCamp Bob DeCamp 5years $937
405th Brad Cowles Brad Cowles 4years $3,174
7886th Brad Dunn Brad Dunn $342
3017th bradley beutler bradley beutler $951
1332nd Brian Schleeper Brian Schleeper 3years $1,617
N/A Bridgett Grant Bridgett Grant $0
N/A Brittany Hepworth Brittany Hepworth 3years $0
1726th Bruce Brummel Bruce Brummel 5years $1,348
N/A Bryce Dyer Bryce Dyer $0
15404th Casey Clark Casey Clark $1
5904th Chad Hill Chad Hill 5years $532