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Rank Name Raised
821st Herb Hooper Jr Herb Hooper Jr 5years $2,332
822nd Erin Cockrell Erin Cockrell 5years $2,327
823rd Randy Curry Randy Curry 7years $2,326
824th Kristen Plotner Kristen Plotner 3years $2,323
825th Katy Cobb Katy Cobb $2,316
826th Nicholas Lukefahr Nicholas Lukefahr 4years $2,314
827th Chris Napierala Chris Napierala 2years $2,310
828th Anil Thakur Anil Thakur 2years $2,309
829th Matthew Buckler Matthew Buckler $2,308
830th Aleah Larson Aleah Larson 2years $2,307
831st Hunter Drawdy Hunter Drawdy $2,305
832nd Carie Terrill Carie Terrill 5years $2,303
833rd Jeanne Zucker Jeanne Zucker 5years $2,300
834th Richard Cohn Richard Cohn 3years $2,299
835th Jerry Castillo Jerry Castillo 5years $2,299
836th Eric Wood Eric Wood 5years $2,296
837th Dinah Wiederstein Dinah Wiederstein 7years $2,293
838th Brad Sterkenburg Brad Sterkenburg 2years $2,293
839th Scott Sexton Scott Sexton 2years $2,287
840th Adhemar Montagne Adhemar Montagne 5years $2,285