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Rank Name Raised
11246th Owen Hartley Owen Hartley $467
550th Rachel Woody-Pumford Rachel Woody-Pumford $2,837
17182nd Ray Anderson Ray Anderson $120
N/A Renee Annette Hilmi Renee Annette Hilmi $0
5061st Richard Shaw Richard Shaw $796
N/A Robert Alvarez Robert Alvarez $0
1699th Robert Nudy Robert Nudy $1,545
17445th Ryan Ashby Ryan Ashby $110
N/A Sabree Miller Sabree Miller $0
N/A Sena Minshew Sena Minshew $0
8565th Seth Farnham Seth Farnham $557
N/A Shadaia Hill Shadaia Hill $0
23079th Shannon Scanlon Shannon Scanlon $26
12309th Shaun Perrewe Shaun Perrewe $350
16915th Shon Hargis Shon Hargis $125
N/A Spencer Ahrens Spencer Ahrens $0
11924th Stan Coats Stan Coats $389
N/A Steve Rosen Steve Rosen $0
2041st Steven McNicoll Steven McNicoll $1,370
3455th Timothy Gess Timothy Gess $1,040