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Rank Name Raised
863rd Julie Lawhead Julie Lawhead $2,567
864th Sherry Swehla Sherry Swehla 3years $2,567
865th Cleve Meacham Cleve Meacham 4years $2,566
866th Paul Moehring Paul Moehring 4years $2,563
867th Richard VandenBerg Richard VandenBerg $2,561
868th Caitlin Anderson Caitlin Anderson 2years $2,560
869th Victor Yates Victor Yates 2years $2,560
870th Dan Corria Dan Corria 7years $2,559
871st Shelli Lester Ross Shelli Lester Ross 2years $2,559
872nd Nicole Gonzalez Nicole Gonzalez $2,558
873rd Scott Quinney Scott Quinney 3years $2,556
874th Ted Miller Ted Miller 4years $2,553
875th Ahmed Khan Ahmed Khan $2,553
876th Arnise Pryce Arnise Pryce $2,552
877th John Westra John Westra 3years $2,552
878th Tammy Taylor Tammy Taylor 3years $2,551
879th Nix Danvers Nix Danvers $2,550
880th Trudie Jones Trudie Jones 3years $2,548
881st Barbara Gilbert Barbara Gilbert 5years $2,548
882nd Eric Sickenberger Eric Sickenberger 2years $2,548