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Rank Name Raised
926th Bob Pfeifer Bob Pfeifer 5years $2,111
1510th Brad Apking Brad Apking 3years $1,518
N/A Christopher Messias Christopher Messias 2years $0
1015th Daniel DiGirolamo Daniel DiGirolamo 5years $1,981
2893rd David Packiaseelan David Packiaseelan 3years $1,008
516th Debra Robenhymer Debra Robenhymer 6years $2,787
13451st Donna Weyer Donna Weyer $110
1226th Ed Peterson Ed Peterson 5years $1,728
5640th Felipe De Bedout Felipe De Bedout 3years $614
6365th Gene Geiger Gene Geiger 6years $560
1483rd Graham Houle Graham Houle 2years $1,539
267th Joseph Metzgar Joseph Metzgar 5years $3,702
3645th Joshua Scott Joshua Scott 4years $848
N/A Joyce Newton Joyce Newton 2years $0
1754th Justin Johnson Justin Johnson 3years $1,381
4990th Kathy Murphy Kathy Murphy 7years $673
607th Keith Cevasco Keith Cevasco 2years $389
4123rd Kevin Lessard Kevin Lessard 5years $774
3238th Lucy Lepola Lucy Lepola 5years $927
3872nd Mike Snow Mike Snow 2years $811