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Rank Name Raised
N/A Melissa Peck Melissa Peck $0
5771st Melissa Peck Melissa Peck 3years $36
N/A Michael Go Michael Go 3years $0
168th Michael Harris Michael Harris 2years $1,195
N/A Michael Leclair sr. Michael Leclair sr. $0
N/A Michael sams Michael sams $0
482nd Michael Snelson Michael Snelson 5years $709
823rd Milton Feliciano Milton Feliciano 4years $520
N/A Mindy Bolton Mindy Bolton $0
N/A Moe Banta Moe Banta $0
N/A Myron Maxie Myron Maxie $0
N/A Nicole McNabb Nicole McNabb $0
N/A Owen Hartley Owen Hartley 3years $0
N/A Patrick Kern Patrick Kern 2years $0
4425th Patrick Koons Patrick Koons $72
1228th Paul Bellottie Paul Bellottie 3years $382
4425th Paul Johnson Paul Johnson 5years $72
N/A Pedro Cruz Pedro Cruz $0
N/A Peter Bixby Peter Bixby 2years $0
3017th Peter Espitia Peter Espitia 2years $124