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Rank Name Raised
6616th Bob Lee Bob Lee 3years $603
N/A Bobby Bashaw Bobby Bashaw $0
460th Bobby Clifton Bobby Clifton 2years $3,266
N/A Bradan Orourke Bradan Orourke $0
N/A Brenda Carlson Brenda Carlson $0
14075th Brett C Brett C 2years $109
12991st Brian Welker Brian Welker 2years $158
N/A Broderick Carlin Broderick Carlin $0
N/A Bubba Shurbet Bubba Shurbet $0
N/A Carl Velasquez Carl Velasquez 2years $0
N/A Cathy Rubemeyer Cathy Rubemeyer 2years $0
440th Chad Smith Chad Smith $3,335
6751st Charles Gehrdes Charles Gehrdes 4years $595
11308th Charles McCowan Charles McCowan 5years $263
13613th Charles Menear Charles Menear $126
N/A Charles Parker Charles Parker 2years $0
2803rd Cheryl Carnock Zollinger Cheryl Carnock Zollinger 3years $1,149
8318th Chuck Hauble Chuck Hauble $512
4804th Cindy Rickert Cindy Rickert $775
N/A Colleen Jones Colleen Jones $0