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Rank Name Raised
96th Jack Runkle Jack Runkle $1,166
97th Julie Klein Julie Klein $1,159
98th Doug Kramer Doug Kramer $1,158
99th Molly Duda Molly Duda $1,154
100th Ocean Babin Ocean Babin $1,151
101st Jason Heath Jason Heath $1,150
102nd Cindy Myrick Cindy Myrick $1,149
103rd Chris Worchel Chris Worchel $1,140
104th Jared Wallace Jared Wallace $1,140
105th Lynda Wilkinson Lynda Wilkinson $1,124
105th Rafael DeOliveira Rafael DeOliveira $1,001
106th Nathan Foose Nathan Foose $1,122
107th Paul Horner Paul Horner $1,121
108th Robert M Sayer Robert M Sayer $1,106
109th Joanne Kenney Joanne Kenney $1,102
110th Jay Cloutier Jay Cloutier $1,100
111th Josh Wallace Josh Wallace $1,099
112th Matthew Cook Matthew Cook $1,093
113th Jerry Snyder Jerry Snyder $1,090
114th Betty Anne Henderson Betty Anne Henderson $1,078