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Rank Name Raised
N/A Gayle Phillips Gayle Phillips $0
N/A Gene Vergara Gene Vergara $0
N/A George Hoffman George Hoffman $0
N/A George Musick George Musick $0
N/A Glenn Guadagnini Glenn Guadagnini $0
N/A Greg Davis Greg Davis $0
N/A Guy Stoil Guy Stoil $0
N/A Hillary Miller Hillary Miller $0
N/A Iain Taylor Iain Taylor $0
N/A Jackie Stoner Jackie Stoner $0
48th James Simmons James Simmons $200
N/A Jason Spencer Jason Spencer $0
N/A Javier Gonzalez Javier Gonzalez $0
N/A Jay Carlson Jay Carlson $0
N/A Jayden Taylor Jayden Taylor $0
38th Jeff Grover Jeff Grover $231
N/A Jela Valencia Jela Valencia $0
56th Jerome Butterbrodt Jerome Butterbrodt $176
54th Jerry Krsnich Jerry Krsnich $185
N/A Jill Grohs Jill Grohs $0