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Rank Name Raised
94th Crystal Dunnings Crystal Dunnings 7years $1,670
95th Randy Hoffman Randy Hoffman 5years $1,636
96th Tyson Dehnhoff Tyson Dehnhoff 3years $1,628
97th Marsha LaRosh Marsha LaRosh 3years $1,617
98th Jose Medina Jose Medina 2years $1,613
99th Karen A. Thompson Karen A. Thompson 3years $1,611
100th Allen McNaughton Allen McNaughton $1,604
101st Denise Forcione Lozito Denise Forcione Lozito 4years $1,604
102nd Jared Wallace Jared Wallace 3years $1,578
103rd Cindy Myrick Cindy Myrick 7years $1,573
104th Jim Brown Jim Brown 6years $1,571
105th Sally Rech Sally Rech 4years $1,564
106th John Brunette John Brunette 4years $1,557
107th Brad Sterkenburg Brad Sterkenburg 2years $1,534
108th Susan DeLawyer Susan DeLawyer 2years $1,534
109th Michael Petrella Michael Petrella 4years $1,532
110th Teri B Chapman Teri B Chapman 4years $1,520
111th Ira Lunsk Ira Lunsk 5years $1,518
112th Wallace Jones Wallace Jones 5years $1,583
113th Suzanne Tullo Suzanne Tullo $1,506