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Rank Name Raised
76th Debi Cool King Debi Cool King $600
77th Kathryn Crook Kathryn Crook $595
78th Michael Nelson Michael Nelson $582
79th Stephanie Schriner Stephanie Schriner $580
80th Cynthia Hebert Cynthia Hebert $578
81st Samantha Knopf Samantha Knopf $574
82nd James Simmons James Simmons $571
83rd William Berned William Berned $588
83rd Xenophon Smith Xenophon Smith $563
84th Richard Khan Richard Khan $562
85th Mark Whitcomb Mark Whitcomb $556
86th William Melilli William Melilli $554
87th Eric Himsel Eric Himsel $550
87th Michael Walls Michael Walls $550
89th Nancy Belanger Nancy Belanger $545
90th Rebecca Anthony Rebecca Anthony $540
91st Steven BERGHORN Steven BERGHORN $534
92nd Charles McElhose Charles McElhose $532
93rd Charles Hanley Charles Hanley $531
94th Jon Gorecki Jon Gorecki $530